It's That Time of The Year Again...
Fall Colors 2016

ll your indoor species should be protected in the home. Do not be surprised if some of the leaves turn yellow and drop, it is natural to lose some foliage due to the reduced light. Plants tend to dry out a lot quicker indoors than they did outside for a while, then they will adapt to the dry conditions indoors.

It is much too early to put your hardy outdoor specimens away for the winter. Wait until we have had a few good hard frosts, at least the end of November or early December.

While you are waiting, now is the time to remove all the old needles on pines. Do not put them away for winter with old dead needles because they might harbor pests or diseases. Also, removing the old needles will provide good sun and air to the inner sections of the tree that will stimulate new buds from the old wood.

After you remove the old dead needles, remove some of the new needles leaving a few clusters around the tips of each bud. New buds will grow more vigorously if you remove these needles.

If the moss is lush, green and thick around your bonsai, you might want to remove some of it before winter to allow better air circulation to the roots and to prevent fungus from growing in the thick moss.

Enjoy your bonsai during their bright autumnal colorfest. Remember, it will not last long because it’s that time of year again......W.N.V.



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