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Next Meeting: Tuesday, April 24th, 7 PM
Tyler Sherrod

Buckland Park - 1341 Westfall Road, Rochester NY 14618
Beetween S. Clinton Avenue and Lac De Ville Boulevard


Join us this month on Tuesday, April 24th to meet a new face on the bonsai scene. In 2016, Tyler Sherrod finished a five year apprenticeship in Japan, so this is an exciting opportunity to meet a very talented, young bonsai artist.

During his apprenticeship, he was responsible for refining both deciduous and conifer bonsai and preparing them for exhibit in the Kokufu-ten, Taikan-ten and Sakufu-ten, the three premier bonsai shows in the world. Several of the trees Tyler worked on received top awards.

The Begineer's Corner

Suiseki Study Group


We are pleased to have the opportunity to offer a BYOT workshop here at BSUNY in the afternoon, and look forward to another exciting meeting in the evening learning new techniques!

Please check out Tyler’s interesting website, learn more about Tyler and see some of his awesome creations at



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