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Next Meeting: Tuesday, February 27, 7 PM
Twin Trunk Style with Harvey Carapella

Buckland Park - 1341 Westfall Road, Rochester NY 14618
Beetween S. Clinton Avenue and Lac De Ville Boulevard


The February meeting will feature Harvey Carapella who will be talking about the Twin Trunk style of bonsai. Harvey will demonstrate on a Dwarf Garden Juniper, which will be raffled off at the end of the meeting.

He will have examples of classical Twin Trunk bonsai to look at and talk about. Also there will be a twist to the Twin Trunk style Harvey will be creating, a dramatic element.


The Begineer's Corner

Suiseki Study Group


If you are a chili fan and if you can be an early bird this meeting is for you:

We are going to have a chili tasting fest. It will not be a dinner, just chili fans getting together to sample each others special recipe before the regular meeting. So far we have about four people interested in bringing chili, but more are welcome. Just call Rick Marriott, at 247-3401. Bring enough chili for yourself and some extra for others to try.

We will meet in the lodge at 6:00 PM the night of the meeting.


Founded in 1972, the Bonsai Society of Upstate New York Inc has developed into a strong group for enthusiasts in Western New York. We regularly host bonsai professionals, with both national and international reputations, for lectures, demonstrations and workshops. Each spring we share an exhibit of the area's finest bonsai with the public. We'd welcome your presence at one of our regularly scheduled meetings, in Rochester NY, where you can easily discover what we're all about!

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