Mission Statement

The Bonsai Society of Upstate New York Inc. was formed to promote an appreciation and practice of the horticultural art of Bonsai in upstate New York . It will host Bonsai professionals, with both national and international reputations, for lectures, demonstrations and workshops. Each year there will be an exhibit of the area’s finest Bonsai, open to the public. General education in the art of Bonsai will be afforded at regularly scheduled meetings.

Places We Have Gotten Together:

  • Early meetings were held at the Henrietta Town Hall Community Room.
  • First exhibition held at “The Castle”- Civic Garden Center in Highland Park.
  • Second exhibition held at the Monroe County Fairgrounds in front of the Dome Arena.
  • The 3rd exhibition was held at the Monroe County Cooperative Extension in Brighton.
  • Then it was moved to the St. John’s Nursing Home in Brighton.
  • Later to the Eisenhart Auditorium of the Rochester Museum and Science Center.
  • Our current exhibition home is the Monroe Community Hospital

Past Club Presidents:

  • Alois Bobbe
  • Victor Mellen
  • Robert Nilsen
  • Harvey Carapella
  • Joe Noga
  • Bill Valavanis
  • Brenta Sullivan
  • Andrea Petitto
  • Dan Hraber
  • Harvey Carapella
  • Jim Dolce
  • Marc Arpag (current)

Board of Directors

For membership questions, please contact our President Mark Arpag. For other more specific questions contact a board member directly:

President Mark Arpag
Vice President William N. Valavanis
Secretary Bianca DeAngelo
Treasurer Diane Koretz
Billboard Editor  Marti & Tom Macinski
By-Laws Joe Galley
Education Will Hebert
Exhibitions Harvey Carapella
Library Joe Lenter
Photographer Joe Noga
Membership Table   Rick Marriott
Publicity Marti & Tom Macinski
Vendors Relations Alan Adair
Refreshments Marti Macinski
Ways & Means Joe Moore
Past Presidents Jim Dolce, Harvey Carapella